New Directions



Been a while since I’ve posted anything, huh? A lot has happended since I last posted, not that I remember when that was.

Updates: I started working part time at a child care center almost a year ago while attending online education courses to earn my Early Childhood  Education Certificate. I should have that certificate soon. The family- Captain America, Thor and I- moved into a townhouse and we are expecting an addition in July.

The addition and the job are not going to coexist. I’m hoping to stay at home with Thor and the new baby but I still want some way of bringing in an income. I have a few thoughts but one of the things that my brain keeps circling back to is selling from home like Jamberry or Avon.

I’ve done this in the past- I sold Lia Sophia jewelry but didn’t put the effort into it and stopped quickly. This time, one of my friends is a consultant for Jamberry so I’m waiting to see how she does before taking any steps. The other thing is now Facebook parties are getting popular so there’s the possibility of not going out a lot.

I don’t know; part of me still thinks “too good to be true.” Then again, I started writing again so who knows?