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I think I mentioned a few weeks ago that I have to be careful about losing weight. Not that I would lose too much weight but that I would get too obsessed with losing weight. The one week that I don’t lose any pounds, I go into overdrive and begin thinking of ways to cut corners.

Mostly, I think of how to cut calories. How few calories can I eat each day?

This time, I managed to cut that thinking very quickly. Mostly because I wised up and began to take my hip and waist measurements and even when I don’t lose pounds, I do lose inches. Progress is still happening.

But I like to see progress; I like to get closer to my goals, my ideal of perfection.

I’m learning to define that progress differently; I am getting faster- I cut my run time down to 13:42. My core is stronger and I have to find ways to challenge my exercise routines.

And I’m learning to change my mindset. Remember my post Loving Feminine Beauty? Well, I’m learning to love to curves and the rolls and the stretch marks. I look at my DVD’s and I like that the instructors don’t have six packs and perfect hips and legs. Their thighs and calves touch when their legs are together. These are normal women; they look how I look.

And I like to stand in front of a mirror and look at myself. Not because I’m a narcissist or anything. I remind myself that my stomach will likely never be flat, but I carried a child there and I gave birth. Maybe my hips will never shrink, but my husband loves my hips.

And no matter what, I am still beautiful.