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A few weeks ago, my posts switched to Wednesdays. I did that because my weekends were getting crowded and I didn’t have a great deal of time to write for a Monday post. I switched to Wednesdays hoping that Monday and Tuesday would slow down enough for me to find something meaningful- to me- to write about.

This week didn’t work out that way.

I tried, but Wednesday came and I stared at a blank computer screen and nothing.

And then Wednesday evening rolled around and something that I volunteered for got a little out of control, time wise.

For people who know me, I generally like to be on time. Even better, I like to be early. It doesn’t always work out that way with Thor and Captain America because Thor can’t tell time or has a last minute accident or doesn’t want to get in his car seat or we forget something and have to go back. And Captain America runs on his own time.

I’m one of those people who says, “Let’s be in the car at 12:45” and expects to be out the door at 12:40 so that everyone gets buckled and the car starts at 12:45. I have calenders with events recorded on them five months in advance. I try to plan out my week to the point of “This is laundry day, this is vacuuming day, this is food shopping day.” I like schedules and being on time.

I have learned to be flexible. Thor and Captain America do that to me.

But Wednesday evening was just… I find it slightly insulting when people are disorganized with their time. I was asked to show up at 6 pm, so I was there at 5:55. No one else showed up until 6:15 and even then, most people showed up closer to 7. I thought that I would be home by 7:15 and I didn’t get home until nearly 8, which is Thor’s bedtime.

To me, that time management was just… awful.

And it isn’t hours and minutes. I mentioned that I plan things five months out? Our summer calender was carefully mapped out with our big events written in pen and different outings highlighted and all these things to do over the summer. I knew where we had to be right up to the last week in July and then things got a little crazy for August and September.

I’ve gotten it straightened out now, but things felt a little out of control for me.

Part of the time wise is that it allows be to schedule in ‘quiet time.’ I can be an outgoing introvert; so can my husband. But we then need some time to ourselves when we don’t need to interact with big crowds.

It could also be that I like to be in control of as much of my life as possible, but I am learning to let some of that go.

Still, if I could get Captain America to be a little more time wise…