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I’ve mentioned in the past that I struggle with my weight. In the first two weeks of October, it became an issue. My father-in-law is a great cook. It tastes good and I found myself eating more, even when I was already full. On top of that, we were also eating out quite a bit and I was finishing my plates, which I know I shouldn’t do. When my husband returned from his last two weeks of duty, he had lost weight.

I had gained two pounds.

Captain America weighed less that I did.

It was not a good moment in my life.

I downloaded My Fitness Pal and began tracking what I ate, entering every little thing that I put in my mouth. Within a week, I began questioning my choices- what did I really want to put in my mouth? How much of certain foods did I want to eat? Was I eating more because I was hungry or because it tasted good? Was I eating because I was hungry or bored? Did I really want more coffee or should I be drinking water?

I started adjusting my habits.

In the first week, I lost 2.5 pounds. In the second, I dropped another 2.5 pounds and an inch around my waist.

I felt that I was being smart about my eating and my exercising; if I had a heavy breakfast and was told we were having a large dinner, I stuck Thor in the jogging stroller and jogged for two miles. Seriously, I jogged two miles in a drizzle because we were having homemade lasagna and fondue for dinner.

When we ate out, I cut my meal in half and only ate half at the restaurant and the rest for lunch the next day.

Losing the weight made me feel better- and more the weight I lost, the more I wanted to exercise, which is something that I have done in the past. The more I start to lose, the more I want to lose. I hope that I hit a point where I recognize that I am healthy and start to maintain my weight and habits, rather than continuing to push myself.