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I am writing this early because today- which should be Monday- Thor and I are starting our tot school. I am making this up as I go. There are vague ideas about colors, shaping, numbers and counting, reading and letters and seasons and weather and Bible stories and Bible verses…

And the only thing that I am absolutely certain of is that I must be losing my mind.

At the same time, I think that this may be a good idea. It isn’t as if I plan to sit him down and force him to do twenty minutes of lessons. I plan on taking five minutes and working with him on a lesson and then bringing it up again and again throughout the day. Even if he goes to day care, this is something that I can do before he gets dropped off.

I’m kind of looking at this as a test run for when I start my own day care and plan to write most of the lessons down as I go. The plan is to get up to three years of material and then start again. That’s a lot of books and songs and materials.

And again, I must be absolutely out of my mind.

We’ll see how it goes; this week is the beginning: Genesis, the number 1, the letter A, the color blue and animals on the farm. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.

I may be drinking on Saturday.

Also, some of my ideas are conveniently located here.