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Thor has been potty training. I thought that he was getting it and soon, we would be accident free. But last week was a bad week. A very bad week. I had to do extra loads of laundry that were just underpants and pants.

On Sunday, he had two accidents in nursery during church and when we got home, I sat on the floor and looked at Captain America.

“What do we do?”

He didn’t have an answer either.

Thor was unaware of our distress and was pulling out all his books, including his two Good Behavior books: Teeth are Not for Biting and Hands are Not for Hitting. Both books were bought as a result of behaviors that were getting out of control. After two weeks of reading the books every day, Thor eventually modified his behaviors.

Yes, there is a little more to it, but we start with the books and move on from there. We still go back and read the books when he starts to bite or hit again.

This is a lightbulb moment.

We loaded up Thor that afternoon and drove to our local Barnes and Noble. Captain America stayed in the car while Thor napped and I was able to pursue all the potty training books, figuring out which ones would work best. It was a slight challenge because Thor isn’t starting out. I wanted something that would emphasize going pee in the potty. He has, bless his little heart, not had too many poop messes since we buckled down about potty training in July.

And it’s only four days, but the realization that Thor responds to words and pictures was a major moment. This is a method that can help me show him certain behaviors as he grows. And I like books- I would rather buy books than toys.

Thor might own a large collection of Behavior books one day.