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I read nearly every article about beauty and what body shapes men like. It’s a strange trait. So I read this article about Plus Size Snow White and I’m ashamed to admit that I recoiled a bit.

The thing is, that Snow White is beautiful and from her expression, she knows it. And I am not tiny; I will never be tiny and I know. I’m even okay with it. Last week, I bought new clothing for myself and I love it. I think that I look beautiful in my new shirts.

I’m learning how to dress my body like I love it, to wear clothes that feel flattering. And when I wear these clothes, I tend to strut a bit and then my husband gets this look in his eye…

Back on subject. I feel badly because I do judge. I look at people who are overweight and there is something in my brain that thinks, “What are you doing about it?” At least, when the people are strangers. I don’t hold the same judgement over my family and friends. And I realize that isn’t fair. I also realize that there are probably people who look at me and think the same thing.

I have to change the way that society has taught me to think. The plus-size Snow White is just as beautiful as skinny Snow White in her teens. In many ways, I think plus-size Snow White is more attractive to men. Men like curves.

As Captain America likes to remind me, the reason that he find me attractive is that I have mama hips. I had mama hips before I was ever pregnant. He loves the fact that I looked like I would be able to bear children, to carry those same children on my hips. He loves that he can grab my hips and pull my close. My mama hips turn him on. So do my other curves.

To all the women out there with Mama Hips, I think you are beautiful.

To all the women out there with small hips, I think you are beautiful.