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Ha! So I wrote this and scheduled it and had it ready to post… for August 27, 2015. Oops.

I apologize for the delay and not noticing that it didn’t go up. But now I have and it’s fixed and we are good.

On with the post.

I’ve been looking for a backpack harness for my son, codename Thor. Thor is adventurous, rambunctious and fearless. He has two speeds, fast and sleeping. He dislikes most forms of restraint- car seats, strollers, booster seats, high chairs. He will sit for a few minutes and then he is off. If I open the door to go to the car, he is off like a shot.

It’s a constant battle to keep him near me, to hold his hand and keep him from rushing off, rushing into traffic, rushing through the store, rushing away from me. My heart has stopped on several occasions because he climbed out of the shopping cart and decided to play hide and seek in the store.

I have been seriously looking for a harness. But I was trying to be respectful of my husband’s, Captain America, desires. Captain America thinks that harnesses are degrading and humiliating. He thinks that we might as well go to Pet Smart and buy a leash.

Then my in-laws announced that they wanted to take us on a mansion tour in Rhode Island. And strollers were not an option. So we went to Sears and ended up with a Carter’s harness that has an elephant on it. I feel that he doesn’t have a great deal of radius, but that can be solved by buying a new leash.

It isn’t the one that I wanted. I want one of the backpack ones from Skip Hop. However, there isn’t an elephant one and Thor really loves elephants. So maybe it worked out for the best.

Captain America isn’t entirely happy, but he was coming around to the idea. What he wanted was even more elaborate that what I had in mind. He wanted a harness that was a Yoda backpack, like what Luke had to carry around Yoda. His buddy mentioned it to him and suddenly, what had been something he didn’t want became cool.

I’ll admit, I was a bit annoyed. I had been talking about this for several months and thinking about it for longer. I wanted a harness to keep Thor from getting lost in stores, to stop him from running him into a parking lot. I wanted to keep him safe. I had been planning my arguments for weeks, trying to pick my times, trying to show Captain America how it wouldn’t be awful if we had a harness.

One mention of a Yoda backpack and because it is cool, he’s on board.

Never mind the safety factor, never mind that his son as no idea who Yoda is and would rather have the elephant.

My girlfriend pointed out that it wasn’t a battle worth fighting; he wanted the harness now.

But it doesn’t matter if the harness is or isn’t Yoda; safety is cool.