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Before we dive into this week’s post, yes, I am making Wednesdays my new posting day. An explanation will be provided at a later time.

So, this week is posting about something fun I did. I’m all about gifts that I can make. I like to use my hands for things, so I like to find activities and gifts that I can craft rather than purchase.

Actually, I have a few going on at the moment, but I can’t post any of them because they are Christmas gifts. Can you image that? I made this great gift for someone, let’s post it on the Internet five months before Christmas.

Spoilers, much?

Anyway, this was something that I made to decorate our home. It was supposed to be an anniversary gift for my husband, but he acknowledges that it was really for me.

That okay.

So, the idea spun off from those vinyl sayings that you can buy at Target or Joann’s and stick on a door or a wall. I like that idea. I would love to have certain quotes or Bible verses around.

However, they aren’t exactly reusable.

Enter, my idea.

20140815_073033-1[1]Floating picture frames, some paint and a matte finish. The paint I used happen to be Plaid Gallery Glass, which is supposed to look like stained glass window lead. I picked a lovely copper color. The paint can be found in most craft stores. I bought mine at Joann’s. I bought the can of finish at Wal-mart and the frames could have come from anywhere that sold frames.




I also picked up stencils but decided to free hand my quotes instead. My first one 1 Corinthians 13:13went on a 16×20 floating frame. 1 Corinthians 13:13, not entirely sure which
translation but I think that it turned out pretty nice:




My second quote went on an 11×34 inch frame and I just popped out the backing 20140815_072920[1]and added a sawtooth hook to the back. I used Thomas Merton’s quote ‘Love is our true destiny…” and then I had extra room so I added the symbol on the bottom, because that was the same symbol as our cake topper.

Basically, I cleaned the front of the glass/acrylic with rubbing alcohol. Once it dried, I used the paint to write out the quotes and left it flat for several days– in my very hot car– to dry. I had to scrape off the Merton quote once because it was angled and the whole thing dripped and smeared.


After the paint dried, I took the glass/acrylic outside and sprayed it with the finish. Since I used Matte finish, it has that smokey glass look, instead of still being clear. If you want it clear, I think you might want to use gloss or high glass finish. You could be really creative and buy the mirror finish and then your will have turned your picture frames into mirrors. That could be cool.

Anyway, another foray into the craft world and turned out lovely enough to post. I like doing crafts, it calms me. More to go up, but probably not until after Christmas, after I’ve given the gifts to their recipients.