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I have one yoga routine– Element: Yoga for Weight Loss– that has a refrain about outside expectations and how we allow to world to define us, when we should be looking inward for strength. If we look to the world to define us, no one will be able to measure up because worldly expectations are always changing.

I have somewhat forgotten this and I allowed it to sabotage my exercise routine.

I hear how it is better if you start your day with a workout; get up and go. And I’ve tried. I want to get up and get the baby in his jogging stroller and do two miles by 8 am. Sometimes I can and it works for maybe a week. Then some event comes along and it derails my routine and it can be a few weeks before my determination sets in again.

But I figured it out.

I am not ready for a workout early in the morning and neither is the baby. When he wakes up, he likes to have his milk and sit on the couch watching Curious George or Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood for an hour before thinking about breakfast. And my husband and I have discovered that if you disrupt this routine too much, say by delaying breakfast and only giving him the milk, he has a tendency to spit up. And that smells.

I don’t want my jogging stroller to smell like rotten dairy.

And, if I’m honest, I’m not my best in the mornings either. I like to get my coffee, check my e-mails and Facebook, plan our day and chill before I get our breakfast ready. After breakfast, we get dressed and run errands and from there, our day tends to go quickly.

If I look at when I best followed a routine, it was an evening program. I can easily convince myself to go out once dinner has been cooked, consumed and cleaned. Once those dishes are drying, it is easier to put on my running shoes and so two miles. And it works out that I get back just in time for PJ’s, reading time and Tinga Tinga Tales before bedtime.

Even better, I stick to this routine. There have been a weekend or two when I haven’t been able to stick to it, but it is easier to pick up again. But because I was set on listening to outside voices about when the best time to workout was, I didn’t listen to my body about what worked best for me.

So, what does your body tell you?