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I am a Christian; I attend church regularly, but more than that, I try to lead a life that I think Christ would be proud of. I happen to know that I am missing one MAJOR thing.

I don’t follow the Great Commission: Go and make disciples.

I don’t. I feel uncomfortable talking about my faith, particularly at this point in my life when I’m still evaluating my faith.

But, when am I not going to be re-evaluating my faith? When am I going to be steady and sure and have all the answers?

I have a feeling that the answer is never.

So, I am taking a step back and looking at some of the blogs that I follow, particularly Scissortail Silk and MOB Society. Both blogs are about mothers raising their children, but more about how these mothers rely on Christ to make it through motherhood. I get both blogs on my facebook feed and I am excited to see new posts when I wake up in the morning.

I also follow Proverbs 31, a devotional that comes straight to my e-mail and I look forward to reading my devotional every morning while I have my coffee and my son drinks his milk. If these things bring me joy, shouldn’t I share that with others?

Now a warning/disclaimer; not every post will mention Christ or God or church or Bible verses, but I am challenging myself to work on fulfilling the Great Commission. I have a means that reaches other people and I know what I should be doing.

Now, it is time to start doing something with it. My plan is to start posting a devotional topic at least once a month, but these posts will be Friday posts. Regularly scheduled Monday posts will continue to be about raising a family, health and wellness and writing. Plus whatever else I feel like writing about.

The first devotional will be going up on August 1st. The Topic: I’ve Lost the Keys!