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I am currently thinking about opening a daycare. I know that last week’s post was about a photography business, but there are a lot of reasons behind the change of venue, but either way, I am excited to run my own business since most of my experiences working for other people haven’t been the best.

And I felt… a little off-balance about making the change, particularly after I had already started taking steps to work out the photography. And it was my mom who pointed out something.

We have a lifetime.

A lifetime can be a long time; it might be a short time but we have no way of knowing for certain. I’ve heard that a person might change jobs up to seven times. I’ve watched my mom be a stay-at-home mom, an administrative assistant, a massage therapist for a chiropractor and now, a massage therapist running her own business.

That’s great!

Life happens in seasons. Right now, I am in the season of life of having children and raising young children. In this season, I have the energy to open and run a day care and take care of young children. In my next season, I could continue doing that, or I could move on to something else. In the season after that, I might pursue photography more.

But there will be several seasons in my lifetime and I can change my mind about my passions and careers and choices at any time during these seasons.