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Maybe it’s just what I’m interested in, but I’ve been seeing a lot of articles on pregnancy, obesity and women’s post-baby bodies. It started with an article about weight gained during pregnancy, women who have gained too much weight. Being pregnant and obese is dangerous for mother and baby. The one risk that I do remember is the increased the chance of diabetes in the mother.

I don’t remember when I saw this article, although I’m regretting not book-marking it. But I have watched my mother and grandmother struggle with their weight for most of my teens and twenties. I struggle with my weight as well. For my mother, part of the fight develops from the fact she spend most of her twenties pregnant and nursing. Her weight fluctuated and I don’t think that she completely lost all of her pregnancy weight between pregnancies, which makes things very difficult.

I am currently fighting to return to my pre-pregnancy weight, and then lose another twenty-five pounds on top of that.

To the other side, there is FitMom, with her “No excuses” slogan. And I know that I can stick the baby in our jogging stroller, or try and do a DVD routine while he is napping or even while he is awake. But he naps on the couch, not in his crib and when he is awake, I tend to knock into him. As for the jogging stroller, yes, I can go out but my wheels pull to the side and sometimes the weather just doesn’t cooperate. But I try my best and I do eat well.

There is a happy medium. And I think that it comes when women make the effort to lose the weight and watch what the eat with realistic expectations. I like this article: Photographer Fights FitMom Mentality. These moms are not celebrities who look like they were never pregnant three months after having a baby. Most moms don’t have a personal trainer or are blessed the way Heidi Klum is. We can take a while to fight the post baby bulge and learn how to properly take care of our babies and to let them heal in a reasonable amount of time.

I am hoping to hit that ultimate goal before we try for baby #2 but I’m not going to hold off if I don’t. If I don’t lose all the weight, I am going to try to be smarter about my pregnancy, to continue exercising and eating right, to be a good example for my son and a good carrier for my next child, and then those habits can translate to my life post-baby and hopefully, I won’t have to fight so hard the second time or the third and down the line.

I don’t have to be Fit Mom, but I do want to be healthy mom, starting now and continuing to my pregnancy and beyond.