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There is very little in this world that will teach you patience the way that potty training has been teaching me. I sort of set out to do one of those potty-train in three days and decided that that wasn’t going to work for us. However, since March, I have been taking off his diaper and encouraging him to go naked from the waist down when we are home. He is rewarded with stickers- for number 1- or chocolate chips- for number 2.

I achieved success in late May. If we are at home, he will sit and use his potty, no matter what. He even sat and did number 2 while I was in the shower.

We are doing the happy dance.

Rewarded with a trip to ice cream.

However, I have encountered a different issue.

He will not use the potty when he has pants on. And not his underpants, but his regular pants. He will sit on the potty with his pants still on, but he will not tell me that he has to go or take his pants off.

I’m probably going to continue what I have been doing, leaving the potty in the playroom where we spend most of our time, but we’ll step it up by wearing pants around the house and start not wearing diapers when we go out. We will see how things go and guess what, all children are eventually potty trained. No one wears diapers forever.

But I think I have to go out and buy more pants.