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So, I love B. Toys. They don’t market the toys, just design them and they donate to Free the Children.

The toys are bright, usually primary colors and they are stimulating. I bought my niece the doctor set for Christmas, my nephew the drum kit for his birthday and two more toys for my son.

I love the Ballyho Ball; it’s simple, bright and yet, it still works on my son’s’ motor skills. And his throwing skills.

The newest toy that we bought is the Picollo Bells; eights bells tuned from middle C to high C; it spins, so he can hold the mallet and have it trill for him. These bells are beautifully tuned, so I don’t mind when he plays. I find them much nicer than a plastic xylophone or simulated drum. These sound more like hand bells.

I actually have a wishlist of toys for him, mostly from B. toys, like the Pa-Rum-Pa-Pum Drum (which my nephew loves) and Symphony in B, plus the Baa Baa Barn. I don’t know what it is about this company, but I love them. A+