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So I have a habit that I feed almost weekly. I love to go to Joann’s; if we had a Michael’s or an A.C. Moore, I would go there too. I like craft stores. There are interesting things in craft stores, not to mention the possibilities. I love possibilities. Plus, Joann’s almost always has something on sale.

Which leads me to another confession; I really am a Pintrest mom.

Seriously, about 90% of the pins on my boards, I have actually done. I have made a Family Celebrations plaque, a shadowbox of wedding mementos, multiple frames with pictures of my son, a dinosaur discovery box, complete with fossils, magnifying glass and brush to dust off the fossils.

I’ve done other things too, like made bath paint out of food coloring, baby powder and water; and Pintrest is my own virtual recipe box.

And you know what, I enjoy being a Pintrest Mom. It means that there is a store of ideas for my son and I to do when we aren’t out; it means that I have go-to recipes on hand and gift ideas that won’t cost me an arm and a leg. There is nothing wrong with liking Pintrest and going to the craft stores, because it doesn’t take over my life.

So, maybe I’m not an addict to the point where it detracts from my family, but I’m definitely an addict because my first response is, “Wait! I have a Pin for that!”