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This is sort of a follow-up to my January post Transformation. In that post, I talked about what I hoped to accomplish in the coming year, and some of it I have been addressing throughout my posts. In the last post, I discussed where I was with the photography business and I will be moving forward with that. Because I’ve been posting, the writing has been going well.

But I haven’t touched on running or working out or anything since January.

It snowed. A lot. Snow makes it difficult to go out. And I used that excuse for a while.

And then… I figured out that I could pair my laptop with my television with my Blu-Ray player; I could watch Youtube videos on the big screen. So I paired the two and I added several one hour dance routines to my playlists and subscribed to the FitnessBlender channel. In addition, I have an account on EveryMove, which allows me to earn points towards rewards for exercise. So I try to do at least 20 minutes of exercise, five days a week. Some weeks and some days are more successful than others.

I haven’t stepped on a scale in nearly a month. But my stomach is flatter, my legs are stronger and my can push myself harder for longer. I don’t get winded as easily as I once did. So something is working.

I don’t allow myself to give excuses about the weather, about not being able to get out, about not finding daycare. The one excuse I do use is sickness. I don’t have to work out if I am sick. I think that is okay.

And hopefully the weather will start to warm up and I can dust off the jogging stroller. I have a two mile route mapped out around my neighborhood and I will start running it. I hope to run a 5k and a 10k by September. I’m not sure that I will make it to the Princess Half-Marathon because of other commitments but I will make the effort to be in shape so that I could run.

Because I will be a healthy example for my children.