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Special Friday Post! That’s because I finished Queen of Darkness in a day. Even with a very active 16 month-old. I’m so not winning mom of the year…

Anyway, I can’t say if I like Heir of Shadows or Queen of Darkness better, but I like both of these books better than the first one. And yes, I will be going on to inhaling all the other Black Jewels books and short stories, but probably won’t be posting about them.

Queen pulled everything together very nicely. If I didn’t know about the other books, I could live with the ending. But there are others, so it doesn’t matter. I continued to learn and discern about the Realms. By the end of the third book, I could understand the geography of the land- which is important to me. I like to know where things are.

The main conflict was summed up very nicely- all the baddies were dealt with in a satisfying manner and the Realms were purged of the awful, twisted ideas and are hopefully going to slowly return to the old ways. Reappearances were handled nicely and not many of my favorite characters died– by the way, this reason would be why I haven’t picked up the Game of Thrones books yet. I like to see characters live all the way to the end and apparently, not many of his do.

All and all, a very entertaining read and a world that I was fully sucked into. Yes, the beginning was a bit jarring and I felt disoriented because I didn’t have all the information but that was resolved by the last book.

I also like how Bishop handled Jaenelle and I think that I’ve seen how she is going to cope now that the threat has passed. Even though Jaenelle is ‘dreams made flesh,’ she has a lot of sadness and scars, but also a lot of power. With my own characters, those that have a lot of power don’t always know how to handle it or how to function with the rest of society. However, the resolution of Queen leads me to believe that Jaenelle will no longer have these problems. And she still have Daemon and Lucivar around and Saeten is near is she needs her Papa.

Not a very revealing review, is it? That’s okay.

Go read the book.

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