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When I was pregnant, I wanted to do glamour shots. I wanted to dress up and have my hair and make up done and to feel beautiful. I wanted to be able to remember my pregnancy in the best light possible, that moment where I didn’t feel fat or tired or sick.

I never ended up getting them done because I didn’t know a photographer and I didn’t want to walk into a studio without having a relationship with the photographer. These were going to be very intimate images; I needed to know that I could trust the person who was taking them.

So, I have this idea that I’m hoping to get off the ground. I want to build a photography business that specializes in maternity photo sessions; I will photograph you through every phase of your pregnancy and do newborn sessions once your baby arrives; I will help you think of fun ways to announce your pregnancy through images and create a gender reveal.

And I’m working on it.

I’ve started with learning my camera better and taking pictures of everything. I have software that will allow me to do basic editing work, like adjusting the light or changing the color to black and white. As soon as my husband’s schedule works out, I’m going to try to start doing photo sessions to build my portfolio.

I am going to run a photography business from my home, so that I don’t have to worry about my children going to day care.

Before I go any further, credit needs to go to Photography Concentrate for their wonderful, non-technical books and all the freebies in the library and various articles on their blog and AdoramaPix for offering free webinars. I did one last month one the Business of Boudoir and one next week about working with children.

And to my family, now do you understand why I asked for all the photography books and software for Christmas?

I know that this won’t be sunshine and roses, that it can and will be a challenge to get this off the ground; but I am regrouping from my last speedbump and presenting the world with a new dream that can work within the context of my life. Also, I am hard enough on myself without the feeling that others are judging me.

In other words, keep your negative comments to yourself. I only accept encouragement.