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I have written several novels; I have rewritten those same novels; I have participated in National Novel Writing Month, which is November. So when I say that writing can be challenging, I think I know what I am talking about.

I’m not even going into the getting an agent and getting published bit, just the writing part. How some big name authors put out one or more books a year, for different series is just baffling. At this point in my life, I don’t think that I could do it.

Keep in mind, when I say Novel Writing, I mean the stories that are upwards of 75,000 words. This is sitting down and planning an epic. Your epic.

That’s pretty cool too.

What I find challenging is finding time; then it is setting goals. 75k can be daunting. I have days were writing 100 words is daunting. Sometimes the creativity isn’t there. But you have to sit down and almost force yourself to write. I’ll admit, those days, my writing does feel forced.

It’s okay, I can go back and re-write it.

In many ways, I challenge myself to have National Novel Writing Month every month. I don’t ask my brain to produce 50,000 words every month- although it isn’t a bad idea- but I do ask that I sit down and write something every day.

I do find ways to motivate my brain and keep the story on track. I use Microsoft One Note; I keep a notebook for each story and have tabs for all the characters- one story even has a subcategory for the cats of the story- the major events, some backstory, and I sketch out maps and blueprints for the various places. This way, when I do get stuck, I have something to go back to and say, “If I am at point C, how am I going to get the story to point D?”

The other thing I do is what I can segment writing. Maybe I’m struck by inspiration to write the end of the story or a big event that is somewhere in the middle. Forget the fact that chronologically in the big story, I’m nowhere near this event. Inspiration has bitten. I have multiple segments saved in a file and when I get to those events in the main timeline, I go into the segments, lift it up and smooth it in. Sometimes, I have five or six in a row that can all be snapped in like puzzle pieces, usually towards the end of the tale.

And I’ll keep writing and I’ll keep dreaming because who knows, maybe this one will be the one that I manage to publish.