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I am aware that I have a problem, where I post consistently for several weeks and then I drop off the face of the earth for several months. And I am aware that there were some things that I was going to follow up on.

Long and short of it, the closer it got to my son’s first birthday, the less complicated the party got and no, I haven’t really lost any weight and in fact, have started over my 5k program because I hadn’t run in such a long time.

However, it is another new year. I’m trying not to think of resolutions, but transformations. Resolutions are temporary, but transformations can be permanent. And in the coming year, I truly want to transform into a healthier version of myself, starting with running again.

I am determined to workout at least three times a week. This week may be tricky because it snowed, so I can’t take the jogging stroller out. However, I found this program near me called Stroller Strides/Fit4Mom and they run indoors. I might check them out.

The other thing that I want to do in the coming year is build a portfolio, for photography. I want to build a photography business and specialize in maternity and children. But mainly the maternity side of things. And I want to get this going before my husband and I move to New England in the fall.

And finally, I want to start writing more. I’ve been doing a fairly decent job of this, but more with my personal writing then my blog writing. I’ve been cranking out between 500 and 1,000 words pre night and as the mother of a very active 15-month old, I think that is pretty impressive. Blog-wise, I’m trying to aim for once a week, going over books, fitness, baby gear, and other issues. I’m debating about how personal/emotional I want to get here because I’ve seen some blogs where people tear the author apart. And I understand that I’m putting myself out on the Internet where everyone and anyone can read what I’ve written, but I am putting myself out there so that someone can understand that they are not alone in their situation, not so everyone can judge me and tell me what a bad person I am.

Frankly, anyone telling me that I’m a bad person should consider looking in a mirror.

Now I’m being a bad person.