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I recently started Zen Labs C25K program. I will admit that I don’t exactly stick to it and go out about every third day instead of every other day. But I do go out; I stick my son in the jogging stroller and we go. C25K runs on my Galaxy with Pandora, so that I have music playing, and I make my best attempt to complete the workout.

Running/jogging is not my go-to exercise. I prefer Zumba and yoga. With yoga, I will happily put in a DVD and go through an hour routine on my own. However, yoga is difficult to do with a baby around and I have no guarantees about the length of naptime. For Zumba, even though I have the Exhilaration DVDs, I would rather go to a class. But going to a class means that you have to pay anywhere from $7 to $10. And I would still have to find a baby-sitter—either pay someone or hope that a family member is available.

But with running/jogging/walking, the baby can come with me in the jogger and often takes a quick nap while I run. And he likes going in the jogging stroller, which is unusual since he dislikes anything that confines him- his car seat, his high chair, his umbrella stroller, anything that requires him to sit. So, I buckle him in, tuck a blanket around his legs if it’s chilly out and start walking for a warm-up.

My husband has been trying to get me to run since we started dating. It is his favorite form of exercise and he gets a serious runner’s high. I had been resisting because my mother is a massage therapist and she has seen the damage that running can do to your knees and shins. I didn’t want to cause that damage in my own body.

However, one of the moms in my MOPS (Mothers of PreSchoolers) group is also into running and Zumba and in general, just being healthy. And she has done the Princess Half-Marathon in Disney World in Orlando.

Now, that is something that I could work towards.

I also like having a goal. If I can run and work towards having a certain timed mile so that I can run the Half Marathon, I will do that. And, at the risk of sounding like Amy on Big Bang Theory, I will get a tiara.

I don’t want it to seem like I’m exercising just to be able to get a tiara. I like having a goal; the tiara is one goal. However, the forever goal is to reach and maintain a healthy body weight and develop better eating habits. I have struggled with my weight and body image since my teens; most of the women in my family still struggle with their weight.

And somewhere, I was told that you reach your resting weight in your twenties, and when you become pregnant later, it will be easier to return to your resting weight if you were a healthy weight to begin with. My mother thinks that she has weight issues because she was pregnant for most of her twenties and was heavy for most of that period. Now she struggles to lose and keep weight off.

I don’t want to have to do that when I’m forty or fifty. I want to be a healthy weight. I want to be healthy in general.

So, if running is an exercise that I can accomplish with the baby, then I will run. And hopefully, I will watch the inches and the weight go lower. Not only so that I can be healthy, but so that I can set a good example for my children as well, so that they hopefully, don’t have the same body issues that I do.