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I know I said that I was going to start on the Wicked series, but they didn’t have the first book at my local library yet. But I put it on reserve so that’s all right (Memo to self: Reserve the third season of The Tutors too). I got a different book, Pegasus by Robin McKinley.

I think I’ve mentioned before that I love Robin McKinley’s books. Pegasus  was the last one that I hadn’t read yet. Wait, no, I retract that. I haven’t read Outlaws of Sherwood; well, I haven’t finished Outlaws of Sherwood and it’s been three years. I don’t think I’m going to get back to it any time soon.

But Pegasus… I cheated again. I read the last few pages before checking out the book. Now, I had read the first chapter on my Nook (free preview), which is why I talked myself into reading the last few pages.

Good news, I had no idea how the book would end the way I did. I love it when that happens, because there have been times when I read the last chapter of a book and can plot out the events of the book. However, I wasn’t sure how the end would come about in Pegasus.

But I’m not entirely sure why I picked up the book. See, the ending wasn’t a happy one. And I’m big on happy endings. But somehow, I went back four more times to read the ending, still uncertain about how that ending would come about.

But I’m sure you want to know what happens in the story. The premise is that in this country, there are select humans who are bound to a Pegasus because the Pegasus and humans have an alliance against the various other creatures that lurk near the country. The main character Sylvi, is the fourth child and only daughter of the current king and is bound to the Pegasus King’s fourth child, Ebon.

Normally, the humans and Pegasi can’t really understand each other. They can’t speak each other’s spoken languages. They need human Speakers to translate. But Sylvi and Ebon are different; they can speak to each other using the Pegasi’s silent language. And it doesn’t make it easy for them; there are those who are upset by this change in the status quo, even as there are those who are intrigued by it.

I know I’ve talked about Robin McKinley’s books before. One of my favorite things about her is that she dives right into the world and doesn’t give the reader a lot of backstory. Sometimes it can be very confusing. But it worked for this story; I was sucked right into the world of Sylvi and Ebon and could happily live in their world for hours at a time.

I suppose you want to know about the not-so-happy ending. The short part? Sylvi and Ebon are separated because of a jealous and power-hungry magician. Want to know how the book ended that way? Truthfully, I not sure I could tell it. There are so many nuances and little details that I don’t think I could do justice. The biggest detail? The Pegasus suspect that something went wrong with the human magician’s spells, something that prevents humans and Pegasi from understanding each other the way Ebon and Sylvi do.

However, and I’m really excited about this, the sequel to Pegasus is supposed to come out in 2014. I know it’s two years away and I’ll be twenty-six and probably “too old” for the age level of the book. But I want to know what happens to Sylvi and Ebon and how everything works out. Because not only are Sylvi and Ebon changing the status quo, but the more dangerous creatures have been invading the human territory. And they are ready to fight.

I can’t wait!