So I recently quit my dead-end minimum wage job, which suddenly freed up a lot of my time. And my mother looked at me and told me that it was fine that I quit, but I was going to be in charge of dinner (fine by me), making sure the house was clean (again, not a problem), and I was going to write/blog every day.

Wait, back up.

Now, it isn’t the edict that I have to write. In fact, I haven’t written anything substantial in months, mainly because of lack of time and lack in inspiration. I haven’t been happy and haven’t wanted to write.

But I handed in my two weeks notice and suddenly, I was happy again. I didn’t have this weight on my shoulders anymore and after a week, ideas were filling up my brain faster than I could write them down. I feel I have a goal again, not just a day-in-day-out drudgery. So, I am going to take that edict and start doing what I really love.

I’m going to try and write nearly every day and I’m going to seriously start trying to finish books and write reviews on them. I’m almost finished with the first book of the new year now.

So, Happy New Year