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I spend a decent amount of time in the fanfiction community. I read, I write, occasionally I comment (I’m really bad about reviewing, sorry). I know that sometimes, authors adopt fics that have been abandoned by the original author. I have no problem with this practice, but it got me thinking.

When you adopt a fic, there are several ways to go about it. One is to post what the first author has written and just add onto the end. But with this, I think that the transition isn’t very smooth. Writers have different styles. No two people write the same way, the way no two people have the same fingerprints. So you can tell, without being told, that one author has taken over for the other author. And it’s not that it bothers me, but if it were me, I would fuss about being compared to the original author and falling short. And it would really bother me.

Another option is to take the story and re-write it from the beginning, so that your style is the only one present. If I was to ever adopt a story, this is probably what I would do, because it would have me stamped all over it. Sounds kind of obnoxious, but there you go.

And I suppose that really great writers can adapt their writing style to match someone else, but why would you want to? It’s your style that you’ve cultivated and honed over the years, so why try and mimic someone else at this stage?

I’m not dissing anyone’s style. Each person’s is unique and different and that’s great. Because each is unique, I wouldn’t want to try to match someone’s or have them try to match mine.

Just something I’m fussing with at the moment. Feel free to ignore my rants.