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I finished Wild Ride, for the second time, by Jennifer Cruise and Bob Mayer. A theme park, Dreamland, is used as a prison for five Etruscan demons, Fufluns, Tura, Selvans, Vanth and Kharos. And there’s a whole lot of fun to keep them in their prisons and not destroy the world. And their human Guardia are also trapped in the themepark.Wild Ride

What I find… fun about the book is that the characters that are the male and female lead, don’t end up together. And end up having a different relationship than expected. And the romantic interest for the female lead takes a while to figure out.

But I love some of the dialogue in this book. Even if I hated the characters and there was no plotline, the dialogue makes this book completely worth it. Some are meaningful, such as “He loves you all that he can, but he cannot love you very much,” which makes my heart ache for the people it is directed towards. And some is just… hysterical. At one point, Kharos says “What line in what sand?” because he’s a 2,500 year old demon and the phrase, “This is my line in the sand,” means nothing to him.

And there’s a whole scene at the end with the five demons and they are aruging with each other about what is going to happen and going back and forth and all I can think is, “This is the dinner table for my family, only with more death and destruction and whatnot.”

Fortunately, I don’t hate the characters (Mab, the female lead, undergoes a serious transformation. The whole “figuring yourself out” thing takes on meaning and Cindy, one of the supportings, is just… she’s golden) and the plotline is pretty interesting. I kind of have the same problem that I have with Discord’s Apple, which is once the closing action starts, it spirals fast. And I know that falling action happens quickly, but this feels very… meet-the-deadline. Like the authors suddenly realized that the story had to be done the next day and there was still several lose ends to tie up.

But, it does tie-up nicely, with all the demons still in the prisons, mostly. And maybe the humans aren’t as tied to the theme park as they thought.