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So a while ago, my favorite comic book publisher (Zenescope) announced that it would be continuing Charmed in comic book form.

I think that it is interesting how shows are coming back in comic book form. Buffy: Season Eight has almost finished it’s run after several years and Season Nine is already lined up for publication by Dark Horse. Angel: After the Fall is put out by IDW Publishing and now Charmed.

I just think it is interesting. Comic books can take the bad guys and demons from these shows and reproduce them, at a much lower cost than it would have taken to create on television. I have most of Season Eight for Buffy and eagerly wait for the next tradeback back to be collected and released. Although I’m not sure that I’m going to follow Charmed, it’s still interesting to see where the writers/artists are going to take the series now that there isn’t a budget limit on effects.