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So, yeah, it’s been a while since I’ve posted. I’m so not good at this daily thing.

And I’ve been spending most of my time obsessing about Criminal Minds (I still feel it’s a safer addiction than drugs so I’m okay with this). And between reading fanfiction and watching the show (most nights of the week thanks to A&E and Ion) I’ve noticed a distinct difference between the two.

It is a case of Canon (what the show is) and Fanon (what the fanfiction world is). In Fanon, it is more reasonable for the characters to be involved in relationships, both within the team and outside of it. I can get into those worlds and not be turned off by the fact that Prentiss and Hotch are together or, my personal favorite, Morgan and Reid (I’m a certified fangirl and I admit it).

However, if any of these relationships actually happened on the show, I know I would stop watching. On the show, the characters can’t have relationships outisde of the job. These people are workaholics and the audience needs them to stay that way. I know that if the Morgan/Tamara Barnes relationship had continued, I probably would have stopped watching the show. Morgan is a playboy; he doesn’t do commited relationships on the show (and in fanfiction, like previously mentioned, I ship Reid/Morgan).

These two worlds can co-exist peacefully with me, they just can’t mix. On the show, Rossi can’t re-marry, Reid must be socially awkward forever, Morgan will always be a playboy, and so on. In fanfiction, the sky is the limit (I even found one where Reid is a vampire and it is pretty awesome).