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So the leaders (myself included) found a group that does mission trips and its all planned out, the individual groups just have to bring youth and chaperones. Well, we announced this one in DC to our group and the response was underwhelming. None of them wanted to reach out beyond their comfort zones to help people and used any excuse to not go (money, “It’s my birthday that week” etc). But they were all for giving up the Youth Group VBS in the summer. I almost feel that we should arrnage one now and make it a local mission trip every day. However, that is just as punishing to the leaders (the amount of time the youth spend together is directedly related to how much animosity builds up between them and it isn’t good).
And before the announcement, I had done a lesson on our hands and hearts being open and giving back to the community and when we give what we have, God rewards us with something better than what we gave. And none of it seemed to stick.
This is part of the reason I dropped back from being a Sr. High Leader to just a Girls Only leader, because the combined group just disheartens me and makes me question why I choose to do this and I hated going home every week feeling like that. Now being away for a couple weeks, I still feel like nothing is getting through to them and that this whole generation is screwed (and I’m only five years older than some of them). Sometimes. being a youth group leader feels like more of a burden than a blessing.

I’m praying that this Friday’s Girls Only meeting goes better.