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This is the latest character/story that I want to start working on. Saphira Beccascant is the daughter of Darien and Lyra Beccascant, who adopted Garnet Ramses. If anyone read the piece on Garnet and David you might know a little bit about the place they live it. Except that Saphira lives at the Mage University Island, part of the Tigra Islands and freely admits that she has only been off the island twice in her life, both times to visit the Royal Family in Marclay.

So, the rest of this might ramble a bit, mostly because I don’t know where I’m going with this.

At twenty-three, Saphira is the oldest of three children. Her younger brothers are twins (I haven’t picked names yet, but both are very powerful mages and have left the University. One works for the Tigran government as the personal warder of the Queen and the other travels Marclay, finding ancient places of power). Saphira has not left the University Island and has been teaching for the last three years. Mainly, she teaches instruments and how to play the piano, flute and lute, rather than the magical portion of it. While she is as powerful as her brothers (all three have the title of Great Mage, like their parents) she doesn’t use her magic.

Part of what she competes with is the invisible ghost of Garnet. As she says, “My father never expected me to be him or anyone other than myself. However, everyone else expects me to be her.” Her being Garnet, Saphira’s adopted older sister, who Saphira never met. Garnet was dead for several years before Saphira was born.

So, I’m not sure what Saphira is going to do. First she has to come to terms with her magic and how to use it (Part of the reason she doesn’t use it is because Garnet’s minor magic was magical. And musical magic is not seen as ‘Great” magic, even though Saphira can bring down a building with the right instrument, intention and notes). Then she has to leave the island and her mother, Lyra (by the way, Darien is dead by now. He was nearly 20 years older than Lyra to begin with and nearly 60 when Saphira was born, I think. I have to check my notes).

Saphira has to become what she expects of herself, like her father did, rather than the dead woman that everyone else expects her to be. I really don’t want to bring Garnet into it much, only as a presence in the back of Saphira’s mind, much like I did with Opal (I don’t think I have anything on Opal on this blog though).

Hmm… I’m going to have to sit down and work through this one with extensive outlines and profiles. It might help if I name her brothers and flesh out more of her background, other than her parentage. Actually, it might help if I typed up Opal and worked out all the knots is that plot before moving onto another story in the Legion Jewels. And I know how I’m going to finish this: in Legion, where it started.