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So, currently I have a reading list that is three books long. And they are all pretty thick. The list is currently:

The Mists of Avalon


The Fire

And I’m probably going to go backwards. The Fire is the book that I am halfway through at the moment and the only book that I haven’t read before. It is the sequel to The Eight,TheEight which I read around the time that Da Vinci Code came out. It’s a really cool story because it tells the tale of a nun during the French Revolution and a woman in 1972 and they are both searching for the a legendary chess set, called the Montglane Service, a service that belong to Charlemagne. The Fire is similar, following the original main character’s daughter in 2003 and another young woman in 1822. At first, I didn’t like it because one of the original characters was killed in the Prologue. However, the title The Fire and the image of the The Fire by Katherine Nevillefirebird on the cover has me thinking that maybe death is not permanent. What is also fascinating about the sequel is that it follows the other team. The Eight followed the Black Team in Chess, where The Fire follows the White Team. After reading the first book, I thought that The White Team was the “bad” team, so now I am terribly confused. I think it might be more about power and keeping it out of the wrong hands. But like I said, I’m only halfway through and I’ve having trouble finding time to finish it and read the other two books and everything else in my life.

The Mists of Avalon is the next book that I am working through. I don’t know what put it in my head to read this, but I felt the sudden need to read this book again. I love anything magical and different, so the different idea of Morgaine not being the villianess is really interesting. And I became a little obsessed with the Knights of the Round Table, even putting them into my fanfiction “Not What I Agreed To”. But I have a little trouble getting through this book because the heavy themes, particularly the Christianity vs. The Old Ways of Druids and Priestesses. Both sides have their intolerances and often compel be to put the bookThe Mists of Avalon down, because it starts to make my head hurt. And even though I know what happens to Arthur, Morgaine and the rest of the Court of Camelot, I still dread reading forward a bit, because I feel bad for them. Their lives were manipulated by destiny and I wonder if they were ever really had any say in the matter. It’s kind of a heavy read, so it helps me that the story is a well known one. It gives me the oppurtunity to focus on the themes and issues and not so much on the story. It doesn’t mean I don’t dislike many of the characters on occasion. Humans are not gods and dieties to play with lives the way that some of the characters do.

And third, Sepulchre, is another story that takes place in two different timelines. I’ve already read it and really enjoy it, more than Kate Mosse’s first book Labyrinth (and feel free to laugh about that one). Part of my draw to this book is that fact that I would really like to learn Tarot and the plot has a lot to do with Tarot and a particular deck and what it means to this family in the two generations. It is also about family and how far people are willing to go to protect their blood, even if it means making a deal with the Devil. There’s a lot going on in this book too, with the families and the way that everything ties together, Sepulche by Kate Mosseenemies and villians, the Tarot deck and even a question of the Devil. I’m not reading it at the moment (I just got it from the Library) and some of the details are fuzzy, but it was a really good read the first time around, even if there is a lot of tragedy in the one woman’s life. Fate turns it around and makes things work out in the present day.

Yeah, I don’t do things by halves. When I decide the there is something I need to read, I go all out. And all three boks are awesome and worthwhile reads. And when I’m done with them, I hope to start working on my next personal project. I have a character who I would like to write about, but I’m having a little trouble working out the details about her story and where her life is going to go. So another distraction wouldn’t be turned down. If anyone has suggestions for reading books, I’ll take ’em.

Happy Reading!