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Generally, I have little patience between comic issues. I have issues about publishers not keeping their promises about dates. Not that I’ll stop reading the comics because I’m unhappy, but I get frustrated and it makes me a little weirder than usual. However, for a while (I have exhausted this resource now) I was reading several webcomics.

The first comic I started (even before I started reading actual comics) is When Curiosity met Insanity. It’s about an older Alice and a re-vamped Mad Hatter and there’s a lot of other Disney characters in it as well. It’s a world where all the Disney characters co-exist, which I think is a really cool idea. It’s The Mad Hatter’s courtship of Alice and it’s hysterical at moments. At the moment, the comic is stalled for various reasons, mostly the artist doesn’t have a lot of free time and is trying to find a job and income.

And, trailing my posts on Phantom of the Opera and The Labyrinth, the other two comics I read are on Deviantart.com. The first is AsheRyder‘s Roommates, which is about Erik and Jareth being roommates in a very strange apartment complex. Add in James Norrington (Pirates of the Caribbean) and Javert (Les Miserables), the leading ladies, Sarah, Christine, and occasionally Elizabeth, Nathan and Shilo from Repo. And just the idea of Erik and Jareth in the same room was enough to make my mind boggle. It’s up to 100 episodes and I think the author could end it here.

And spinning off Roommates is Girls Next Door, which focuses on Christine and Sarah, both objects of obsession from other characters. Pika-la-Cynique had a lot of other work (I particularly like her shirt series and Labyrinth Envy, which is hysterical if you’ve seen the movie). GND is kind of parallel to Roommates, showing the girls’ side of things and also the different events that they experience.

And I have a lot more patience with these than I do the publishers because these are real people with lives who don’t always have time to write/draw. I mean, I have days when I barely have time to write. I often write during class (if any of my professors are reading this, I’m not really sorry. They’re writing classes for heaven’s sake).

Plus, they still update a lot quicker.