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So, I have another blog (www.comicgirl.wordpress.com) for a school assignment about comics because I am a tad obsessed about comics. But I was thinking about it today and I could have done it on The Labyrinth. I mean, I could have researched Jennifer Connelly, David Bowie, Jim Henson, the movie and the manga sequel (patiently waiting for the fourth volume to be released. And frequently checking Jake Forbes blog) and The Dark Crystal and Mirrormask, which were done by the same people. Plus, all the possible mythology (mainly aquired from fanfic. I mean, what is Jareth exactly? I think he’s a member of the Fae, Sidhe, and probably Unseelie).

Sigh. It could have been so cool.

Oh well, I do like the blog on comics and I think that it’s pretty informative. I’ll probably import the posts to this blog once the semester is over.

But it could have been fun. I’m pretty obsessed with the movie, soundtrack and manga. As noted in “Not What I Meant To Do,” I’m writing a fanfiction for the movie; although it’s pretty losely based off the movie. And the fanfic is part of the reason I’m exploring the idea of what is Jareth. (Please, comment if you have any ideas. But I rather like mine). And my Jareth looks a touch different from the movie (he doesn’t tease his hair up so much. Like, not at all).

Actually, a great deal in my life has spun off The Labyrinth; I started really getting into fantasy after seeing the movie; I dressed as Jareth for a costume party (theme of villians), and I read Kate Mosse’s Labyrinth because of the movie (Like Sepulchre much better).

To sum it up: I love The Labyrinth.