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Today is Wednesday.

Escape from Wonderland #2; On Stands October 28th

Today is Release Day.

I understand if you’re confused right now.Escape from Wonderland #2; On Stands October 28th

Most of the time, new comics are released on Wednesdays. Diamond Comics has a list of the comics that will be in stores for the week. If you’re waiting for a certain comic to come out, say Escape from Wonderland #2 (I’ve been waiting 3 months), Diamond Comics would be a good place to check.

Diamond provides lists of what is coming out for that week, what has been released in previous weeks, and what is going to come out in the future. And Diamond is reliable. They even post “Every Monday afternoon at 2pm, PREVIEWS provides a list of new products arriving in comic shops for the following week!”

However, you should be warned that the comics have been released, but they may not be in your comic store. Now, mine is good. The comics are released on Wednesdays, the shipment comes in the following Thursday and if I visit on Saturday, my comics will be there. Most of the time.

There have been weeks when they weren’t there until two weeks later, but that doesn’t happen often.

There’s another way to check and see what comics are out, but not before they come out. Comic Book Database, used by my personal comic book store, keeps track of the various series, one-shots, arcs, artists, writers… The list goes on. If you want to know how many of a certain series is out, this is the site that you want to go to. It will list all the issues, the arcs the issues belong to, the date the issue came out, everything anyone could possibly want to know about the comic.

Comic Book DB also links the authors, artists, colorists, and pencillers to the various series they have worked on. For example, if you’re a fan of the art for Hellboy, you could search for Hellboy in the database and then click the penciller, Mike Mignola and see what other comics Mignola has worked on.

My favorite way to find out release dates isn’t either of these ways. I can spend hours searching through the forums of my favorite comic publishers searching for information.

On Zenescope, most of the writers, administrators and everyone involved in the comic book writing process check in the forums daily. If someone asks: “Hey, Salem’s Daughter #1 was released in August, when is issue 2 coming out?” there’s a good chance that someone will answer the question, either with a date that the issue goes to the publisher’s or with an “I don’t know.” The publishers’ site will also have more information about new series coming out and other news items.

Getting creative, some of the publishers have Myspace and Facebook pages. So do the authors, pencillers and colorists and they might be willing to share some of what they know if asked nicely. I know that writer Raven Gregory shares his progress on various series on his Myspace page.

So dig deep, comic book fanatics.


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