Officially, I love October.

One, I get to dress up. I know it’s Halloween and I’m older now, but I really like to get dressed up. Last year, I was a witch and handed candy out to the kids (and a few teens).

Two (this is the important one) I just found out that 3 of my comics are going to come out next week. Escape from Wonderland #2, Salem’s Daughter #2, and a bit after that, Mad Hatter #2 should come out. Although I don’t know which cover I want, because they look really cool. I’m thinking about going with the ebas cover. Calie pulling the Hatter’s skin off her and the blood… It’s really cool.

Three, Hatter M TPB Volume 2 comes out today. It took me forever to find the first volume though, so it may be a while before I actually own it.

Still, over all, this is all good.

Doing my Happy Dance.