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A few days ago, I heard the song “Battlefield”  by Jordin Sparks while I was driving down Rt. 295 (construction is a pain in a butt) and I could see a Chloe/Christopher video playing out completely. The song is perfect for the two of them.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the ability to draw/create them in a physical form and making a music video is a little beyond me right now.

And it’s killing me.

I could so perfectly see the fight between Chloe and Christopher; Christopher bearing down on her with his broadsword, Chloe blocking him with all her strength. And clips of Chloe and Christopher (in his saner moments) standing on their respective battlements, wishing and hoping for something other than the bitter war between them. I could see the wind whipping her dress and hair around, right down to the tears on her face.

And I don’t have the capabilities to make it true!

I have got to learn to draw. Something to do next summer.