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This is a completely personal thing, but I need most of my life organized. When I write, I do enough preliminary work to be able to re-create whatever story I’m working on, in case it gets lost. Also, doing character profiles, maps, outlines and everything, helps me to figure out where I want the story to go and to have a solid foundation to go back to if I get stuck. And I file all this information away so that I’ll know where it is at any given moment.

My life is scheduled almost to the minute sometimes. Between work, school, church, sunday school and youth group, meetings and classes and assignments… everything gets organised into nice categories so that I can find time to breathe in between everything.

The one thing that isn’t organized as much as I would like are youth group meetings. I tend to step back and take a junior role, simply because I a) don’t have the experience and b) don’t really have the time. But there are meetings where we have very little planned and the youth just sit around and talk. They could have done that at home and I could have been doing something else with my time. I don’t really mean to sound so nasty, but I have moments where I think, ‘I could have gotten that essay done,’ while I’m at a meeting.

I really, really like my life to be organized. It just makes it so much easier.