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Currently I read 2 1/2 comic series. Two because there are two that I follow religiously: Zenescope and Buffy: Season Eight. The half is Witchblade, because I haven’t started reading it yet, but I’ve ordered Witchhunt and I”m going to start soon.

Actually, I’ve researched Witchblade within an inch of the series, trying to figure out where to break in, what I needed to know and a bunch of other details. I do the same with the other two, but it’s more as I read them than before I started. Zenescope’s various series I just jumped into with very little thought.

And comics are a strange thing for me to get into. I have little patience and Zenescope is horrible about releasing things on time, with the exception of its flagship, Grimm Fairy Tales, which come out monthly. Buffy is consistent, but I only read the TPB, so it takes a while to get the next issue as they are collected in their arcs. But waiting for the Wonderland series to come out is unpredictable. Mostly I try to visit Diamond Comics on Wendsday or Thursday to find out what is being released for the week and pray that one of the comics that I’m waiting for is on the list. Then I visit my comic book store about two weeks later, when the comic has hopefully come in.

But I enjoy the comics. All the ones that I read feature female leads. Grimm Fairy Tales has a female heroine in Dr. Sela Mathers and a villianess in Belinda. Wonderland focuses on Alice’s daughter, Calie (Carroll Ann) and her adventures. The last one from Zenescope that I read is Salem’s Daughter; Anna Williams is descended from one of the accused from the Salem Witch Trials and has inherited powers that she uses to fight against demons with a Gunslinger in the West. See all these comics (and more) at Zenescope’s website.

Grimm's Fairy Tales #41 Exclusive Battlezone Cover


Now if I could just learn a little patience.