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I started collecting comics in January 2009 and was hooked. In a matter of four months, I caught up on the one series I originally found, bought all the available Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season Eight trade paperbacks and found two other series to read. Luckily, just after I started collecting, a comic book store opened up ten minutes away from my home. I was all set.

I also went to the Wizard’s World Philly Convention in June, where I learned a bit about the process behind writing a comic and publishing a comic. That was an experience.

I’m a certified, obsessive fangirl, pretending to be a normal 21-year old college student (What is normal anyway?).

I became a fangirl thanks to Zenescope’s Return to Wonderland series, which has continued into Beyond Wonderland and Escape from Wonderland. I have branched out into Grimm’s Fairy Tales and Salem’s Daughter. All have female main characters that range from good to neutral to villainess.

While I wait for the latest comic to come out, I have branched out into Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Witchblade,  although I don’t know a great deal about the Marvel and DC Comics universes.

I have fallen in love with comics.

So I am setting out to learn more about them. Going back to the Golden Age and learning about their origins, how they have changed through the various Ages and how they are still popular today. Also about grading comics and how to store and preserve them. And a brief (I promise, it’ll be brief) commentary on comic book covers.

This is going to be so much fun.