So I’ve started writing my own fanfiction. I know that I have my previous post about Fanfic and how I feel that most of what is out there is really good. I’ve found another author that I really enjoy and am currently pouring through his/her stories.

So, my own fanfiction is based on The Labyrinth. The movie came out in 1986 or ’87, and stars David Bowie and Jennifer Connelly. Jim Henson and George Lucas are the producers/directors. Actually, it’s pretty interesting.

So, I wrote a fanfiction on this movie, using only David Bowie’s character, the Goblin King and the setting. The first story is about a woman and her boyfriend who have a child together. The baby was unplanned, so they have some issues with each other. She kind of hurt his pride when she turned down his proposal, because she felt he was doing “the right thing” rather than proposing because he really loved her. What happens is that she wishes him away to the Labyrinth and is now determined to run the giant maze and win him back. However, she still has her son with her and she has several emotional issues that she has to work through.

I wrote this story with the idea that the Labyrinth is a learning tool, not just a giant challenge. The Goblin King uses it to teach the runner life lessons that they need to learn and forces them to see things in themselves that they don’t want to face. However, he does enjoy winning, so while he challenges them, he also wishes for their loss. Because when the runners lose, he wins the wished-away person; then he can do what he pleases with the wished-away.

And the challenges don’t end with the Labyrinth. The lessons have to be brought back to reality- and deals must be agreed to.

Kate’s journey through the Labyrinth is just the beginning.

Not What I Wished For

Not What I Agreed To