I just came from a Youth Advisory Board meeting- which is a somewhat governing body of the Youth Group. We make the big decisions as the pastor, Director of Family Ministries, Youth Leaders, and whatnot.

Talk about stressful.

I have mentioned before that I am the youngest- not even 21; Most often, I stay quiet and observe. I don’t even really get involved with the e-mail conversations that we have. Mostly because what I want to say has already been said.

But I swear, we spend an hour on things that I don’t think are necessary.

We spent forever on participation in fundraisers and events and how much the youth would have to participate in order to go on a retreat that we had to pay for. I wanted to look up and say- They need to go to two events and contribute three hours of their time in set-up/clean-up. It didn’t work that way.

And one of the things I did want to discuss, we didn’t get to. This might sound strange, but the adults frustrate me.

Then again, so do the youth. So, there you have it.