I used to think that I did my best writing in controlled conditions: by myself, with my music, in my room. This was a gross misconception.

I write best in the middle of a crowded room; in a coffee shop; in the student center; in the family room. I write best with one ear bud in my left ear as my right ear listens in on the conversations around me. I write best with the television going in front of me as I listen to 80’s music during the commercials and my sister’s iTunes playing in the next room with the dogs barking and pans slamming in the kitchen.

I write best with a headache, with a stuffy nose and a cup of Earl Grey tea with two Splendas. I write best on my bed, curled up in my pink chair, sitting properly at a desk, balancing my laptop on my knees.

I write best in a dorm room with two computers, two laptops, and a video game system playing Guitar Hero.

I write best when internally I am inspired. When the writer in me decides that this is the final plot, when I can sit and just let the words out.

I write best when no one tells me what to write, in every situation, with all sounds and sights around me. So long as I have my imagination, I will be able to write.