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If you look at my other posts, you’ll notice that I tend to deal in the realm of fantasy over anything else. Within fantasy I can deal with urban or obviously fantasic settings and characters, but everything I write is not likely to happen in reality.

If you look at my bookshelf, everything on it is fantasy. I love dealing with vampires, elves, mages, wizards, goblins, magic and everything else that shouldn’t be real. If it doesn’t exist, I want it to.

I think that I write fantasy because I live reality. I see it everyday, know what it’s like; I don’t need or want to write slice-of-life books when I’ve experienced it. I can’t experience fantasy in everyday life, so that’s what I want to write about.

However, in fantasy there are many subgenres and those are fun to explore. I prefer either modern/urban fantasy with modern settings and fantasic characters, like in Holly Black’s Tithe or what is called high fantasy, with the basic magic and sword-fighting. If I’m creating a magical world, chances are it’s a more medieval setting, with the fancy dresses and swords and everything.

What’s fun with fantasy is trying to find ways that other people haven’t done yet. There are only so many plots and most have already used; today’s writers are recycling the old ones established long ago. So I try to make it different. Tolkien’s elves were a dying race; mine are a dominant one that hunts humans for sport. Dragons are powerful, wise, and great lizards; mine perfer to function in their human form, thank you very much.

Fantasy opens up so many different paths that I don’t see in reality. Now, you’re welcome to disagree with me and challenge this, but reality and writing about doesn’t interest me. Fantasy… well, which path do I travel first?