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I finished a story recently- finished being handwritten and typed in the computer and edited over once. I finished it. So, usually, I already have another story that I dive right into, so that I am always writing.

The problem is this: I have the story. I know the main characters, her motivation, the plot, the setting, all the little details, but I can’t sit and write. Well, I can. I sit down with a pen and notebook, but nothing comes to mind. I’m really having trouble writing this one.

And it’s starting to bother me.

For a while, I thought I didn’t have enough details. So, I got out my Blue Book (is a sketchbook), and I wrote out a character list, defined my main character a bit more, drew a map of the reality and created the path she travels. I took time to sketch out some outfits, define relationships and really try to build up the backstory. And I still have nothing on the bigger picture.

I also took out my Moleskien (tiny journal about the size of my palm. Very convenient for traveling) because it had little segments that will make their way into the story eventually. There are bits of the story here and there in it.

And still, nothing.

This wouldn’t frustrate me so badly if it weren’t for the fact that it’s the second or third time that I’ve tried to write this story in four years. It’s been brewing in my head since I finished Garnet, and it’s somewhat of a continuation of that story. And normally, I would be content to set it aside for a while and move onto something else, as I’ve done in the past, but I don’t have anything else. I don’t have a back-up story to work on. I’ve used them!

I think, what I may have to do, is sit down and put together another story, and once again, set this one aside. Which kind of disappoints me. I know most of this one and really want to write it. But something is blocking me, mentally.

I guess that I’ll move on to Vampires. I want to do something with them and I think I’m going to make them spies. I’ll have to find my Moleskien again, because I had an idea sketched out in there, and it might work…

Oh, and everyone should go to Barnes and Noble and buy a Moleskien of their own. They’re very handy.