I have a fanfiction addiction. I figure it isn’t as bad as other addictions, so when I get a craving, I submit to it. It’s pretty harmless. Some people laugh at me and ask me why I spend all my time reading that stuff when I’ve read all the originals and whatnot. And I am tired of these people.

You know, some of these writers are really good. Some are better than the originals.

I have one story Harry Potter and the Manipulator of Destiny that I swear, is twice as good as the seventh Harry Potter book. Author PaisleyRose writes Labyrinth fanfiction that is just fantastic.

These are people that if they choose to use their own characters and write original stories could, and probably would be, best sellers. They are just amazing.

And you know what, fanfiction isn’t awful. I started out writing Lord of the Rings fanfiction (I have conveniently lost that story, so no, you can’t see it. Just because others are good at it, doesn’t mean I am). Fanfiction gave me a solid base to start with; I could use characters and settings that were already established and create my own plot. As I wrote, I learned about creating setting and characters. When I started working on my first original work, I felt more confident, much more than when I started my first fanfiction.

Literary agent, Colleen Lindsey says in her blog that “If you are a regular contributor to a fan-fic writing community online, say so! Oh, sure, you thought I was gonna say I hate the stuff, right? Wrong. A regular writing hobby is a regular writing hobby, no matter what you write, as long as you are consistent and working to improve your craft. And many fan-fic writers are already used to being critiqued, so they don’t bleed all over the keyboard when someone tells them how they could make something better. Fan-fic has also spawned a number of talented writers, such as Rachel Caine, Naomi Novik, and Sarah Rees Brennan.”

So, power to the fanfiction writers. I’ll continue to read and support you, probably even in my old age when I can’t write anymore (Pray that day never comes).