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I have always been very protective of my writing. I am very reluctant to let other people read my uncompleted works and even more reluctant to give out my completed works, even just for people to read and edit. On a few occasions, I have given ot stories as gifts, and have come to regret it.

I am so paranoid about people claiming my work as their own, that I don’t even share my work with some of my family members, people who I used to tell everything to.  But as we have grown up, I find myself distrusting of others and keep my ideas very close to me.

With one of Stephanie Meyer’s drafts for Midnight Sun being leaked (for full story, visit Midnight Sun Leak), I have started worrying even more. There are stories that I gave to people as gifts a while ago, and since then we have stopped talking and one person I am no longer friends with. Part of me knows that I should trust these people, but part of me thinks that they are no longer trustworthy and will do something to claim my hard work as their own. And I get very upset about that. Some of these stories I have worked on for five years or more; I put a lot of time and effort into them and to have someone else claim that they wrote them would be unbearable.

What do you think? Do I have a right to be worried about my work, at least when I’m not friends with the people I gave it to? Or am I being overly paranoid and should get over myself?