Expanding on the idea of writers as gods, I have to admit that when I am writing, I really do feel like a deity. When I sit and type out a story, I feel as if I am playing god. To the reality and characters that I have created, I am fate, destiny, the higher power; although I am not the same as the God of today’s religion. I am the god that has complete control of the world I rule over; I am a god that is a manipulator and puppet-master, pulling the strings.

In some way, that is a frightening god. A God who has complete control is a god who doesn’t allow for choice. But as an author, choice and free will are not things that I can give characters, because they do not act independently and can’t.

Also, my characters do not have faith or a belief in me. They don’t know that I exist and can’t pray or plead with me for their lives to go a certain way.

And yet, I hold their lives and their reactions in my hands. I decide what will happen in their lives, what they look like, where they lives, how they react. I am a god because I have complete control over their lives; it does not make me a good or benelovent god, but it still makes me a god.