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Garnet and David are interesting, mostly because of the situation that I put them in.

Garnet is the most powerful mage in Legion, which is a continent of thieves, crooks, murderers- if it’s a crime, they’ve done it. It was a dumping ground for the other countries, Marclay and Tigra. Garnet is related to the royal family- her uncle is the king in a country of cutthroats- which comes down to he is a murderer. Garnet hasn’t lived in the country very long; at ten, the rest of her family died in a plague and she was sent to Tigra was mage training. She returned when she was twenty- under duress- and has lived there for two and a half years.. She isn’t happy about her situation at all, because she is mainly used as a pawn of her uncle’s and because she is feared because of her magic.

David was a prince of Tigra and had magic- he went to the Mage University on his own credits and was doing his internship as a private tutor when Garnet showed up and he became her tutor. Eventually, they fell in love and David gave up his title to be with her. He was still at the University, now paying off his debt, when she returned to Legion, so it’s been a while since they’ve seen each other.

David arrives in Legion during negotiations between Marclay and Legion and Garnet decides that she is done and wants out. To to this, she screws over both her uncle and the Blade, a resistance group that she was a part of. So now she and David are on the run and in the morning, she plans to turn herself in and neither of them know if she is going to live.

Very tragic.